About 11k

My story starts pretty much like everyone else, I am not a unique and beautiful snowflake, I was just another developer in a small web shop peddling code site after site. Things were great, I was paid fairly well and had a comfy chair... What more could I ask for?

Freedom, I wanted my freedom! I wanted to set my own hours, travel when I wanted and spend time with my kids. More importantly, I wanted to stop worrying about which bills could I afford to pay. I wanted to stop worrying about money.

Being a developer in the modern day gold rush it didn't take me long to realize that I could build someone else's dream during the day, for steady pay, and risk my evenings on a wager with a far bigger payout!

Night after night I built failure after failure. The internet is littered with my iterations, my castaways, some were money makers, some brought me reasonable attention and some flat out made people laugh. It really is embarrassing to look back at some of those, but they were solid lessons with repeatable results. Fast forward a few years to present day and I'm now what some may call an internet sell out. One of my apps was wildly successful and was acquired in 2014. Now I'm left with a metric craptonne of time on my hands and driven to replace the gaping hole in my income the acquisition left me with.

I'm going to plot a way to build a repeatable process to get to 5 figures of income a month. This means reaching out to anyone I can find who has accomplished this on their own, buying them coffee and plying everything about their craft out of them that I can. This may mean having to fly to meet them while they're sitting in their favourite coffeeshop. Whatever it takes..

I'm going to take everything I know so far, combine that with what I can learn from others and condensing that into something you can digest on your commute to work and later apply during your evenings, when you wager on yourself.

I'm going to build a 5 figure monthly income again! I'm going to share everything along the way and I'd love if you come along!

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* Look, I’ll do what I can, in the end though I can’t promise anything and your success lies solely on your abilities. I’m just trying to help.